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Alley Beautification in SF Neighborhood

Church + Mission youth focus on cleaning up Mission Terrace alley.

Many alley’s have been neglected with overgrown vegetation and lots of trash has been dumped. In a matter of a couple of hours, with help from various youth groups and local residents, we have been able to work towards beautification of Mission Terrace alleys.

Our church likes to engage people who are philanthropic minded that live in the Bay Area and local neighborhood residents to conduct a Saturday morning service project.  Without attention and intention to the alleys, it naturally gets used for illegal activity and dumped with trash and stolen items.  With our efforts to occupy the space, it shows it is being used. We want this area to have the potential to be used for children to play.

Noah Coombs (pastor and local resident) mentioned, “these easements have potential for use rather than being a place to dump trash. It was awesome to have the help of some friends. We got a lot done!”