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Helping People Feels Good

“There are so many people on the streets of San Francisco that don’t have adequate shelter”, claims Mary Shields, who has been volunteering with Saint Francis Homeless Challenge (SFHC) since San Francisco hosted the Super Bowl in February 2016. Cleaning up the streets for the big game meant clearing homeless encampments. St Francis Homeless Challenge provided a place for the homeless to go to watch the game and receive necessary services. Mary saw tremendous compassion and felt compelled to get involved.

Mary has been helping this grassroots organization to build temporary houses that are small enough to fit on most street sidewalks as well as supply porta-potties for homeless encampments. SFHC, led by Amy Farrah Weiss, is actively working to make adequate partners to get this very important work done. SFHC’s primary challenge has been finding partners that are willing to place these mini houses. These mini houses are not yet sanctioned by the city of San Francisco.

Mary has several family members who are currently homeless and has experienced homelessness herself. She believes it is all our duty to help others. “Start by doing something simple for an hour” encouraged Mary, “Helping people feels good.” For more information on Saint Francis Homeless Challenge, visit