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Repair the Streets for Dwelling- Liz Wong

Liz Wong remembers her husband Edmond’s story: Ed, a native of San Francisco, found himself addicted to heroin. He was desperate for help. In his pursuit to get clean, Ed claimed that God saved his life and delivered him from addiction. During his recovery, he saw many others on the streets, hooked on drugs. He began to show up at Boeddeker Park in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco with a backpack full of sandwiches and a Bible. Ed shared his story with anyone who would listen. Wong then decided to start an outdoor church service in the park. He had been impacted by a verse in Isaiah 58:6-12 and took it as direction from God, “Repair the streets for dwelling,” and so he called his ministry Calvary Street. Over time, Wong began to invite friends to join him, including his new wife Liz. Liz remembered how scary it was, but wanted to be supportive of her husband. She conceded to help by standing in the back cooking hot dogs.  For thirty years, Calvary Street has been providing food, clothing, hygiene kits and haircuts to people on the streets. Because of their efforts, they have heard many testimonies of people throwing down crack pipes, putting down bottles and picking up Bibles. During Edmond’s drug use, he contracted hepatitis C by using a dirty needle, which years later turned to liver cancer. In 2008, Edmond Wong passed away. When he was dying, he pleaded with Liz to continue the ministry. Liz wasn’t sure that she could continue on without her husband. After praying, she decided to try and fulfill her husband’s wish. Liz began coordinating with church teams and ministers to help her carry on the church services and street ministry. She said that they are regularly sharing messages of hope for people on the streets, and as people hear they are drawn to get help. Wong and her team then help direct people to recovery programs and more support services. Liz shares, “The fruit of our work will often come later, people will come and share their story – it is a story of gratitude for the message we shared. Testimonies encourage me.” For more information, Liz Wong can be contacted through Calvary Street Ministries (