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Somebody ought to do something- Mike Moberg

“When you find yourself saying, somebody ought to do something a half a dozen times, that somebody probably is you,” explained Mike. Mike Moberg and his wife, Anna, left the central valley to work in the inner city of San Francisco in the late 90’s.  The Sixth Street corridor between Market Street and the 280 freeway is riddled with homelessness, mental health and drug addiction, and it’s where Mike has established a life of work. Mike and Anna fell in love with the kids in this neighborhood. Their work includes feeding about fifty neighborhood kids every night; these kids are from the ages of 5-18 and are either homeless or live in SRO’s (Single Room Occupancy). Many children are from immigrant families and spend much of their time on this very difficult street. The Mobergs have started a neighborhood church for these families. Many of the men that attend the church are in a residential drug recovery program, practically next door to the church’s location. Their ministry regularly gives out hygiene bags, socks and Bibles. In the colder months, they distribute sleeping bags, knit stocking caps and scarves. The Moberg’s and their team focus on being friends with people and are trying to fill people and slowly see life change in some very shattered lives.  After 20 plus years of this work Mike Moberg claims, “I have received grace from God. I couldn’t just pass by, I was given a heartbreak for the people in this neighborhood.” For more information, Mike can be contacted through his church San Francisco Mission Outpost (