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Youth Panhandle for School Supplies in San Francisco.

Over the summer, a group of teens panhandled for school supplies in San Francisco. “It wasn’t easy,” shared one teenager, “I know that people are looking at my sign when they walk past, but they treat me like I am invisible.” While many teenagers spend their time relaxing during the summer, a team of youth hit the streets of San Francisco with homemade cardboard signs to raise money for school supplies for some of San Francisco’s low income students. “It was difficult at first because nobody gave us anything, but we got encouraged when another panhandler gave us our first donation of five dollars,” explained another teen. The youth learned valuable lessons as they stepped out of their comfort zones to ask for donations. An adult chaperone reflected, “Putting myself in the shoes of someone on the streets asking for money, changed my perspective.” After a couple of hours of rejections and getting ignored, the group of youth came away with a few pockets of cash that was put to good use at one elementary school in San Francisco.